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Abacus classes in Nashik and Online

Abacus classes in nashik and Vedic Maths classes in nashik are available now with MatheMgicHub.com online website. We are the best Abacus training center in nashik. We offer abacus course in nashik at affordable price. Our abacus learning center in nashik is equiped with all the required tools to run Abacus online classes in nashik. We help you do abacus practice in nashik using our various ongoing Abacus program in nashik. We also recomend you join our abacus tuition in nashik. Alternatively you can also purchase from us abacus tutorial in nashik itself.

abacus-classes-in-nashik-dhule-jalgaon-pune-mumbai Abacus Maths Course Details:

Abacus course improves the skill developing left and right brain functions simultaneously.

Beneficial for Age Group : Children of 5 to 12 Years
Total Levels : 1 to 8
Duration of Class : 2 days per week
Duration of Level : 3 months per level

Apart from Abacus Course in Nashik, we are also conducting abacus classes in dhule , abacus classes in jalgaon, abacus classes in pune, abacus classes in mumbai, abacus classes in aurangabd, abacus classes in ahmed nagar, at any place in Maharashtra India.

Above are some of our Courses available for students.

Purchase Our Online Course Packages as given below:

 Sr. No.  Course Name / Package Name  Price (Rs.) Buy Now
 1.   Abacus Teachers Training 10,000/- per Person  
 2.   Vedic Maths Teachers Training 10,000/- per Person
 3.   Abacus books Level 1 to 8 200/- each book
 4.   Abacus Instrument 17 rods 70/-
 5.   Teacher Abacus 17 rods  2250/-
 6.   Vedic Maths book 200/- each book
 7.   Abacus bag 120/- per Item
 8.   Rubik cub training 6000/- per Person

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