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  • "Best educational institute where Teacher guides students about effective study, vision & goals."

    Samruddhi Nimkar

  • "MatheMagicHub builds confidence & provide a platform to compete at various national levels."

    Shubhangi Kokate

  • "MatheMagicHub is really very effective in all my academics not only in maths but extra curriculum also.."

    Mrs. Sansare

  • "Excellent training center. Most important thing is parents also get knowledge about various fields."

    Mrs. Mhase

  • "Best educational institute.My son's future seems to be bright because of teacher's proper guidance."

    Mrs. Jaware

Extra Curricular Workshops

Mathe Magic Hub has also made available extracurricular workshops which benefit the students to explore their talents at school as well as society. At our training center you can have career guidance, competitive exams guidance, parenting guidance, online training, Summer Camp Workshops like Drawing, Art & Craft, Science Clubs and Handwriting Improvement, etc. So join today to be at number one position in today's competitive world.


Skills that get amplified in the program :

  • Improves Communication Skills
  • Brain and skill development program
  • Improves Self Confidence
  • Improves Concentration
  • Improves Stage Daring
  • Improves Listening Skills
  • Improves Mind Power


 1. Parenting Workshops

About Workshop:

Mathe Magic Hub conducts Parenting Workshops to help parents in the very interesting and fun filled task of parenting. We guide parents how to encourage their kids. It supports parent to build confidence, responsibility and sympathy in their children.

Details of the Course:
Beneficial for Age Group  : From 20 Years & Onwards
Duration of Class   :  2 Hours per week

 2. Summer Camp Workshops

About Workshop:

Mathe Magic Hub conducts Summer Camp Workshop for children to enjoy the vacations. Through these workshops children can learn the extra curricular that benefits them explore their talents at school and society. Check out our different types of workshops for : Drawing , Painting, Art & Craft, Science Clubs, etc.

Details of the Workshop :
Beneficial for Age Group  :  From 5 Years to Onwards
Duration of Art & Craft   :  8 days 
Duration of Drawing      :  15 days  

 3. Handwriting Improvementt

About Workshop:

Mathe Magic Hub conducts Handwriting Improvement workshops for students. It is said that a person’s personality is reflected through his handwriting. A neat and clean handwritng improves self confidence. A good handwriting shows the efforts of that person behind any work in the real life.

Details of the Workshop:
Beneficial for Age Group  :  From 6 Years to Onwards
Duration of Workshop      :  8 days  

 4. Online Training

About Workshop:

Mathe Magic Hub conducts Online Training for the convenience of students. With online training students can get knowledge from anywhere. Online Training is very flexible and easy to use. It saves lot of time of travelling for long distances. With our digital classroom students can persue the process of learning with better retention.